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Electromagnetic Wave Types

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You'll learn to identify the major types of electromagnetic waves and how they're used.

Created Date 04.02.15
Last Updated 04.02.15
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Topics of this game:
  • Longest wavelength in the electromagnetic spectrum. Used for car radios, TV signals, and voice/data cellular.
  • Used for transmitting data over distances because it can penetrate snow, clouds, rain. Also used in kitchens.
  • These waves are thermal, capable of carrying heat. Used in TV remotes and restaurants to heat food.
  • Only type of electromagnetic wave that can be seen by humans. Each wavelength produces a unique color.
  • Type of light is invisible to humans and emitted by the sun. Responsible for sunburns.
  • Often referred to in terms of energy rather than wavelength. Can't penetrate earth's atmosphere.
  • Shortest wavelength in the electromagnetic spectrum. This wave is generated by radioactive atoms.