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Radio Frequency Modulation

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You'll learn some concepts related to radio frequency modulation.

Created Date 04.08.15
Last Updated 04.09.15
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Topics of this game:
  • Electromagnetic waves must be modified in order to transmit data. This process is known as keying or ________.
  • An electromagnetic wave modified to carry information is known as a(n) ___________.
  • Modulations to an electromagnetic wave can be performed in either analog or digital transmissions.
  • A continuous signal with no breaks is a(n) _________ signal.
  • Which of these isn't a type of analog modulation?
  • A signal consisting of discrete or separate data is known as a(n) _______ signal.
  • _________ modulation consumes less power, handles interference better, makes better use of bandwidth, and uses error correcting techniques compared to analog modulation
  • Which of these isn't a type of digital modulation?
  • Analog and digital modulation use the same three basic types of modulation.