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LCD Display

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You'll become familiar with the technology associated with LCD and touchscreen displays.

Created Date 04.14.15
Last Updated 04.17.15
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Topics of this game:
  • ___ monitors are typically flat panel displays - much smaller and thinner than CRT displays.
  • LCD monitors use matter in a state between liquid and solid crystals. (2 words)
  • An _____ matrix LCD uses a red, green, and blue transistors for each pixel.
  • An active matrix LCD generally has improved image quality compared to _______ matrix LCDs.
  • An LCD monitor's size is measured __________.
  • A ratio of monitor width to height is known as the monitor's ______ ratio.
  • This ratio is the difference between the lightest and darkest pixel a display generates.
  • A pixel failing to light up due to defective transistors is known as a ____ pixel.
  • These monitors use a newer, energy-efficient back light.