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Project English

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Created Date 11.28.20
Last Updated 12.01.20
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Topics of this game:
  • Bonus: A preposition is an important part of the English language. It is used to show a relationship between a noun or pronoun in a sentence and another word in the sentence. A preposition must always be followed by a noun or pronoun in a sentence. It can never be followed by a verb. Are you ready?
  • Simple prepositions are words like at, for, in, off, on, over, and under. These common prepositions can be used to describe a location, time or place. Choose the grammatically correct answer
  • Bonus: let's make it harder. Double prepositions are two simple prepositions used together, often indicating direction. Some examples are into, upon, onto, out of, from within. Are you Ready?
  • Complete the sentence. It rained ________ the day.
  • Complete the sentence. Having a pet is ________ having a child.
  • Complete the sentence. The tiger strategically attacks _________.
  • Complete the sentence. There will be no life ________ water.
  • Complete the sentence. Weather inside is as pleasant _________.
  • Complete the sentence. There was silence after the commotion __________ a storm.
  • Complete the sentence. __________ the weather report, it will rain for three to four days.
  • bonus introduction: Boss battle Compound prepositions consist of two or more words, usually a simple preposition and another word, to convey location. Some examples are in addition to, on behalf of, and in the middle of., You can do it?
  • Choose the grammatically correct answer, only one is correct