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Linux User and Group Membership

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You'll be introduced to user, group members, and permissions in the Linux OS.

Created Date 05.06.15
Last Updated 05.07.15
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Topics of this game:
  • Which command can view the name of the user who's currently logged in?
  • Which command can view group memberships and the primary group?
  • Which command can change ownership of a file or directory to a new user?
  • Which command can change the group owner of a file or directory to a new user?
  • In Linux, all users must login with a username and a password.
  • Users are identified by their usernames and group memberships, which allow users to access resources. To do this, users must have the required _____.
  • The ______ group is the user's default group.
  • During file creation, both the file's owner and group owner are set to the user's username and ______ group.