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Variables (Linux)

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You'll explore introductory concepts related to variables in the Linux operating system.

Created Date 05.26.15
Last Updated 05.26.15
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Topics of this game:
  • A _________ is a reserved portion of memory that contains accessible information.
  • A(n) _________ variable contains information that systems and programs access often.
  • _________ are custom variables defined by users.
  • ________ are useful when executing commands and creating new files and/or directories.
  • Which command can be used to list environment variables and their current values?
  • If a user prefixes the variable name with the $ shell meta-character, what command can be used to view the contents of a specified variable?
  • Which of these variables should never be changed or modified?
  • The name of a variable is known as the ____________.
  • A variable identifier must start with an alphanumeric character
  • What command is used to export user-defined variables to sub-shells?
  • Which of these commands is used to list all exported environment and user-defined variables in a shell?
  • An alias is used to create a shortcut to commands. For example "ll" is an alias for "ls -l". Aliases are stored in _______ variables.