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Shell Scripting (Linux)

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You'll explore introductory concepts related to shell scripting in the Linux operating system.

Created Date 05.26.15
Last Updated 05.26.15
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Topics of this game:
  • A(n) _____ script is a text file containing a list of commands or constructs to execute.
  • A shell script may contain any command that can be entered into the command line.
  • Which of these is known as the first line in a shell script?
  • From within a BASH shell, when a shell script is specified as an argument, it runs with ____ permission.
  • Shell scripts can be executed with read/execute permission just like any executable program.
  • What command may be used to add descriptions and spaces to script output?
  • Character sequences have special meaning in the echo command. Escape sequences must be sequenced with which of these characters?