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Networking Equipment & Hardware

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Introduces players to the networking devices and equipment powering computer networks.

Created Date 05.26.15
Last Updated 05.27.15
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Topics of this game:
  • Which of these joins two different types of networks together? Each network uses a different protocol; such as a connecting a home network to the Internet.
  • Which of these extends a wired network by adding additional ports? It connects multiple Ethernet segments and makes them act as a single segment; where the broadcast domain and collision domain are shared between all attached devices.
  • Which of these extends a network by providing additional ports? This full, duplex device is capable of intelligently directing communication to the appropriate port, creating individual collision domains for each port.
  • Which of these extends the network range by restoring signal levels to maximum strength and then re-transmitting them?
  • Which of these connects two similar networks together?
  • Which of these allows network devices to connect to a wired network?
  • Which of these prevents communications forbidden by network policies?