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Fixed Internet Connection

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You'll learn terms related to fixed Internet connection technologies.

Created Date 05.26.15
Last Updated 05.27.15
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Topics of this game:
  • Dial-up is a fixed Internet connection using a voice band modem along with telephone lines to transport data between a computer and an ISP. It has a maximum speed of approximately ___ Kbps.
  • When using a dial-up connection you often achieve speeds close to 53 Kbps.
  • DSL Internet service is significantly faster than dial up; however, the technology still relies on telephone lines.
  • As a general rule, DSL is classified as broadband Internet and it's equivalent to the speeds offered by Cable Internet.
  • Cable Internet service is delivered through __________, which uses the same infrastructure as cable television service.
  • Satellite Internet options are ideal for which of the following consumers?
  • Wireless Internet Service Providers can also provide fixed Internet service through WiMAX (IEEE 802.16), LTE, or ______technologies.