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Program Planning

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You'll focus on terminology related to designing a hypothetical program.

Created Date 05.26.15
Last Updated 05.27.15
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Topics of this game:
  • The ___________ defines certain elements that must be manipulated to achieve a result or goal.
  • A programmer accepts assumptions as true to proceed with program planning.
  • ______ can change throughout the program's execution. For example, a pizza's size, shape, and toppings can change. Therefore, they're examples of _________.
  • _______ can't change throughout the program's execution. For example, the value of Pi is 3.14, which doesn't change.
  • Many programming languages support and encourage the use of comments.
  • Which of these occurs when a running program crashes after encountering instructions that couldn't be executed?
  • Which of these occurs when a program doesn't crash, but instead produces an incorrect or flawed outcome.
  • Which of these occurs if a programming language's rules or grammar aren't followed?