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Participants will answer Technology Questions to cover 5 consecutive spaces on board. If the participant gets an answer wrong they must remove a piece off the board.

Created Date 03.06.22
Last Updated 03.07.22
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Topics of this game:
  • The primary circuit board of a computer to which all components are connected, including the CPU.
  • Device or software of filters the information coming onto a network, it protects the net worth computers from
  • Determines the best path for passing a data pack it between that works too as destination.
  • Connects two or more networks segments, as a repeater does, helps to regulate network traffic.
  • Makes it possible for several users to send information over network at the same time.
  • A small electronic box used as a central point for connecting a series of computers, since the signal from eac
  • A network point that access an entrance to another net worth
  • A software that fulfills webpage request from Web clients answer the computers that run each software
  • A small text file placed on a users computer by Web server in order to identify the user whenever he or she re
  • Websites that allow people to share information, ideas, photos, and other forms of media envy in virtual comtu
  • An audio file that contains a recorded broadcast distributed over the Internet
  • Protects a unique symbol or were used by business to identify a product or service
  • Protects an invention by given a holder a monopoly on the use of the invention for 20 years after the applicat
  • Protects the words music another expression for the life of an holder +70 years.
  • The illegal copying use in distribution of digital intellectual property
  • Taking credit for someone else’s intellectual property, typically a written idea
  • Security process in which died and the other person is verified
  • An individual who subverts computer security without authorization
  • Clothing and accessories that incorporate digital technologies
  • A branch of philosophy that deals with issues of morality
  • A temporary storage area for frequently access to recently access data
  • Stores data on Internet servers for access from any Internet connected device
  • The manner in which data is received into a computer system
  • Or coding, the process of creating software through the use of logic, algorithms, and programming languages
  • Any software that coordinates the activities of the hardware and assess the computer and functioning safety ca