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Net Neutrality Baseball

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You'll test your knowledge of net neutrality.

Created Date 08.08.15
Last Updated 08.10.15
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Topics of this game:
  • What does FCC stand for?
  • What company opposes net neutrality?
  • Proponents of net neutrality believe all internet data should be:
  • The basic concept of net neutrality is:
  • Without net neutrality some users experience:
  • Who, ultimately, rules on the decision regarding net neutrality?
  • The 1996 Telecom Act recognizes two types of service. They are:
  • Under net neutrality, which of the following can an ISP discriminate against?
  • Without net neutrality, network owners can create two of these for premier subscribers:
  • Proponents of net neutrality fear what will be threatened without it?
  • Opponents of net neutrality say it will damage:
  • Proponents of net neutrality state that without it, no one should:
  • Net neutrality prevents large ISPs from:
  • Proponents of net neutrality fear these would be hurt if it was struck down by the FCC:
  • Without net neutrality, Comcast can slow down the speed of rival's downloads.
  • Proponents of net neutrality fear the creation of fast lanes will:
  • Opponents of net neutrality argue it would lead to:
  • Phone companies can slow down calls to companies who do not pay them.
  • The FCC is:
  • The FCC has the power to regulate:
  • How many commissioners lead the FCC:
  • FCC commissioners are appointed by:
  • How long is a FCC commissioner's term?
  • Advocates for net neutrality want the FCC to classify ISPs as:
  • Title II states common carriers can't make any unjust or unreasonable discrimination regarding:
  • What does ISP stand for?
  • Which of the following are content providers?
  • Which of the following are ISPs?
  • Common carriers are:
  • Which of the following are against net neutrality?