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Computer Port Crossword

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This game will challenge your knowledge of different computer ports.

Created Date 03.19.15
Last Updated 03.20.15
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Topics of this game:
  • Also called a DB-15 Port. A 15-pin female port used to transmit analog video and is often blue.
  • A small round 4 or 7 pin port used for video, sometimes connects to a television.
  • White rectangular port transmitting either analog or digital video.
  • Transmits both digital audio/video but not analog signals. Used for home theater equipment.
  • Transmits both digital audio/video but not analog signals. Slowly replacing VGA and DVI.
  • Developed by Apple. Transmits video and data on the same port and cable.
  • Type of port also known as a network port or a RJ-45 port.
  • This colored audio port indicates audio out. Speakers frequently use this port.
  • This colored audio port indicates audio in. Microphones commonly use this port.
  • Provides digital audio output using a fiber optic cable and connects to home theater equipment.
  • A multipurpose input output port used by many different devices.
  • Also called an IEEE1394 port. Used for high speed multimedia devices such as digital camcorders.
  • Also called a mini-DIN port. A round 6-pin port used by either a keyboard or mouse.
  • Faster than FireWire and connects hard drives to a computer's motherboard.
  • Known as a DB9 port. A 9-pin male port used for older equipment and replaced by USB
  • A 25-pin female port typically used with printers. It's been replaced by USB.
  • Also called an RJ-11 port. It connects dial-up phone lines to computers.