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Business Information System (Operating System)

Created Date 02.26.20
Last Updated 02.27.20
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Topics of this game:
  • Which of these is not part of Operating system functions?
  • "OS who decides which process will get the processor when and for how long" - which OS functions does this explains?
  • "OS who decides which process will get the processor when and for how long" - This task is called _______
  • OS keeps track of all devices. this task is performed by _______
  • In multi-tasking, the current application in used is called _________
  • What is booting?
  • ______ is the process of switching on the computer by restarting it
  • What does NOS stands for?
  • What is an example of Soft Real Time System (RT OS)?
  • All these are categories of operating system except?
  • Which is NOT example of embedded operating system?
  • Microsoft Server and Linux are examples of _________
  • Which of these is NOT true about stand-alone Operating System?
  • If 5 PCs linked together and use their individual OS, they are using _________
  • Real Time Operating System (RT OS) _______________
  • A missed deadline in _____ Real Time Systems is disastrous
  • Which is true about singe user single task system?
  • ________________ allows various different users on different desktop or computer to access a single System.
  • "A user at the terminal or desktop, through a network takes access of the system and other system attached machines such as printers". This statement explains _______________