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Broadband and Monitoring Baseball

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A game to test your knowledge about broadband access and network monitoring.

Created Date 02.22.16
Last Updated 02.22.16
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Topics of this game:
  • Which broadband solution is based upon the DOCSIS standard?
  • Which protocol allows the creation of a tunnel through a DSL connection to send PPP frames?
  • Which of the syslog severity levels is the most critical
  • By default where and at what severity level are all syslog messages sent on Cisco devices?
  • What does the command 'logging trap 5' do on a Cisco router?
  • In SNMP, what is the MIB?
  • Which request does an SNMP manager send to modify the value of a MIB variable?
  • What does a 'ro' designation indicate for an SNMP community string?
  • What type of data will NetFlow collect?
  • Which is the latest version of NetFlow?