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Introduction to Routers

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You'll build your knowledge relating to basic router information.

Created Date 03.24.15
Last Updated 03.24.15
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Topics of this game:
  • This device sends packets to different network segments and operates at layer 3 of the OSI model.
  • This is the most popular worldwide router manufacturer.
  • This type of memory holds the router's running configuration, routing tables, and buffers.
  • This file holds a router's configuration file and isn't lost if a router is turned off.
  • This type of memory is re-writable and stores the Cisco IOS. It's writable, allowing the OS to be upgraded.
  • This memory can't be written to. Used to boot the router if it's corrupted.
  • This mode allows an administrator to perform basic troubleshooting tests and list info stored in the router.
  • This mode allows the administrator to perform full router configuration tasks.
  • This mode is where router settings that affect router operation are made.
  • This mode is where an administrator can configure the interface on a router.