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Crime Prevention...America's Favorite Pastime

You'll be introduced to a few basic crime prevention terms and techniques.

Created Date 04.25.15
Last Updated 04.27.15
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Topics of this game:
  • For the purposes of security lighting, a lamp is defined as a:
  • What type of safe is also known as a burglary safe?
  • When a robbery has occurred in a retail business, why should employees separate potential witnesses from each other?
  • What percentage of shoplifters are juveniles?
  • There are three intrusion alarm zones around any building: Interior, Point, and what?
  • In the acronym CPTED, what does the "E" represent?
  • The four strategies of CPTED are: Access Control, Activity Support, Territoriality, and what?
  • Two types of fraudulent checks are discussed in the text. What are they?
  • When considering landscaping close to a property's perimeter, how tall should bushes and shrubs be to help prevent crime?