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Crime Fiction Glossary Matching

Glossary terms and definitions for crime fiction unit

Created Date 11.25.20
Last Updated 11.30.20
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Topics of this game:
  • A reason why a suspect could not have committed a crime
  • The most exciting and pivotal part in which a major change occurs
  • A potential piece of evidence
  • The problem in the story; this event or issue causes the events to happen
  • The process of using reasoning to arrive at a conclusion
  • The setting is established and characters are introduced
  • Clues left by the author as to possible outcomes
  • Essential details are offered in such a way that they seem unimportant
  • A conclusion reached on the basis of evidence and reason
  • The reason a person might have committed a crime
  • A person who did commit a crime
  • A piece of potential evidence that leads us to false conclusions
  • The end of the story, in which the problem is solved
  • A person who may have committed a crime
  • A person who was negatively affected by a crime
  • A person who saw the crime take place