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Basic Criminal Justice System

Basic Criminal Justice System (Chapter 1)

Created Date 09.23.16
Last Updated 09.23.16
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Topics of this game:
  • After the charges have been filed, the suspect, is brought before a lower-court judge for an initial _____________
  • A person against whom a legal action is brought, a warrant is issued, or an indictment is found.
  • Initial appearance when a ____ is brought before a lower court to be given notice of the charges and advised of their rights
  • A __________ is a trail without a jury.
  • A standard of proof that, more likely than not, the proposed action happened.
  • Usually a monetary guarantee deposited with the court to ensure that suspects or defendants will appear for court.
  • A pretrial stage at which a judge determines whether there is ______________ cause.
  • A group people who meet in closed sessions for a specified period to decide if there is probable cause for a trail.
  • About 95 percent of criminal defendants plead ____ to the charges against them, in an arrangement called plea bargain.
  • About _____ percent of criminal defendants plead guilty to the charges against them, in an arrangement called plea bargain.