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Wisconsin Juvenile Law

Wisconsin Juvenile Law

Created Date 12.14.17
Last Updated 12.15.17
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Topics of this game:
  • A juvenile is defined under Wisconsin law as any person under the age of 21
  • Adults are formally indicted/charged, whereas juveniles are
  • A J.I.P.S. petition filed on a juvenile under 938.13 can result in the juvenile being placed in a secured correctional facility
  • Of the following choices, the first thing a law enforcement officer is required to do involving custodial handling of a juvenile is to
  • A judge in Wisconsin may appoint a guardian ad litem in cases where a juvenile has been accused of delinquency, or in cases of neglect or abuse. what is the guardian ad litem
  • law enforcement officers send juvenile delinquency referrals derectly to
  • A deferred prosecution agreement can be made between the intake worker, the accused, and the parents of the accused at any time during the court process
  • How are juvenile adjudication hearings different form adult criminal trials
  • An officer having taken a juvenile into physical custody must notify the parents or guardian
  • If one child in a home is showing signs of abuse and there are three others that stay there that do not show any signs of abuse, Which children fall under CHIPS and/ or JIPS?
  • A child, less then 72 hours old, is dropped off at the police department with a note that says "please take care of me." There are no signs of abuse. As an officer, what do you do with the child
  • A child may be held in a secure detention facility for ___ hours without a detention hearing
  • What is the basis for a JIPS petition
  • Which of the following is not a status offense?
  • A 15 year old person who exhibits signs of intoxication may be issued a citation under Wisconsin law
  • What is the earliest age that a youth can be held accountable for school truancy violations
  • If a 16-year-old receives a citation for failure to stop for a stop sign in Wisconsin
  • An officer stops a vehicle for speeding and discovers that the 14 year old driver has no valid Wisconsin license. the officer should direct the driver to appear in
  • The fact that determines whether the children's court has the authority to hear a case is
  • Which of the following Wisconsin courts has original jurisdiction over an 11 year old who is alleged to have committed second degree intentional homicide
  • A 14 year old juvenile taken into custody because of violation of a local ordinance
  • A 16 year old is on court ordered supervision and has to be at his house from 8pm-5am you see him out on the town at 9pm can you take him into custody?
  • Decisions on detaining a juvenile in secure or non-secure custody are made by the
  • What happens when a delinquent's case is waived?
  • In all cases, when a citation is issued to a juvenile, the law enforcement agency must notify the parents or guardian in writing within
  • When questioning juvenile suspects
  • Juveniles taken into custody and processed in the juvenile justice system have what constitutional rights
  • An officer is required to inform the juvenile suspect that the officer is making an audio recording of the interrogation
  • What is the term for behavior of an adult who shows a great deal of interest in a vulnerable child and gains that child's trust with gifts and attentions
  • Which of the following is not a category of a missing child?