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EMS Words

Commonly used in Emergency Medical Service.

Created Date 03.05.19
Last Updated 03.06.19
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Topics of this game:
  • The "C" in CPR
  • A cut
  • Contunsion
  • Used to immobilize a trauma patient
  • Condition characterized by jerking movement
  • Another word for drugs
  • Facility where patients are transported
  • Given to aid breathing
  • Heart monitor
  • Used to warn drivers of an ambulance couch
  • Injury to the skin caused by heat
  • Used to measure a blood pressure
  • Used to listen to breathing
  • Prevents contact with blood
  • Placed on a wound to control breathing
  • Ingested more than the prescribed dose of medication
  • Air transport
  • Scraped skin
  • The vehicle that EMT's work in