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Dominique Burns Referred to Parliament

The activity has been designed to give a sense of the choices that Magistrate Dominique Burns made before being suspended from duty in 2017.

Created Date 04.01.19
Last Updated 04.01.19
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Topics of this game:
  • Dominique Burns was appointed as a magistrate in Port Macquarie in February 2015 after a career as a family law __________
  • In March 2017, The Judicial Commission of NSW received a complaint regarding her actions in __ cases
  • They have since tabled a report of inquiry, upholding __ of the 17 individual complaints, and referring her to the newly-elected NSW parliament to decide on her possible removal from the judiciary (JCNSW, 2018, p. 17)
  • The complaints were mainly based on her propensity to order offenders into custody, either without hearing submissions, or without genuine reason. In one case, she had recorded a conviction and indicated a maximum gaol sentence on the bench sheet ____________________________.
  • On how many occasions did Burns encourage police to lay further charges?
  • While Ms Burns claimed that her “___________” made her “extremely stressed and very anxious”, the Commission found that her procedural decisions extended her workload and time in court (Mitchell, 2019).
  • The general judicial principles of _________________ (AIJA, 2017, p. 5-9) have been tested.
  • Burns has argued that the sheer number of cases pushed her to make mistakes and disregard the procedures of the court. However, if justice is to be served, ______________________________________________ (Parker and Evans, 2018, p. 148).
  • Burns’ case is one where both the _____________ of the position have led to unethical, unprofessional behaviour, which only exacerbated the tensions and demands of her work.
  • How many magistrates have ever been removed by the NSW Parliament?