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Abnormal Blood Smear Review and Cell Identification

Learners play a game of Tic-Tac-Toe to test their knowledge of normal red blood cells, platelets, and abnormal red blood cell morphology.

Created Date 02.11.20
Last Updated 02.11.20
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Topics of this game:
  • The process by which megakaryocytes divide is called ________________.
  • Acanthocytes are cells with irregularly spaced blunt processes.
  • What best describes a target cell?
  • Variation in the shape of erythrocytes is called _______________.
  • Anisocytosis may be present with _______________.
  • What substance is required for platelets to adhere?
  • The development of white blood cells is called _______________________.
  • For a cell to be classified as hypochromic, the central pallor of the erythrocyte must be _________________________.
  • Schistocytes are cell fragments
  • Ovalocytes can be seen in which of the following disease conditions?
  • Heinz bodies are __________.
  • Burr cells have a few irregularly spaced spicules of varying length.
  • The most numerous cell in the peripheral blood is the _________________.
  • Pappenheimer bodies are made up of __________________.
  • Another name for a tear drop is a ____________________.
  • Monocytes contain granules
  • In a reticulocyte, a supravital stain picks up _________________.
  • The cell line where neutrophils, eosinophils, and basophils start to produce secondary granules is the ____________________.
  • The mature erythrocyte ______________________.
  • Hemoglobin crystals __________________.
  • The RDW _____________
  • Which of the following cells contains the highest amount of hemoglobin?
  • On a Wright's stained blood smear, a reticulocyte is called a _____________.
  • Howell-Jolly bodies are made up of _________________________.
  • Lymphocytes are ________________________