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Order in the court! It's up to you to put these 8 Steps of a criminal case in order.

Created Date 03.29.16
Last Updated 03.29.16
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Topics of this game:
  • An arrest is made if there is probable cause to believe a misdemeanor or felony was committed
  • The amount of bond and conditions of release are initially set by the judge issuing the arrest warrant
  • The prosecutor presents evidence to show the judge there is probable cause a crime was committed
  • Prosecution makes sentencing agreements in exchange for a guilty plea
  • This is the first formal presentation of charges to the defendant
  • In criminal cases, a trial may be held before a jury or, before the judge only at the defendants request
  • If the jury returns a guilty verdict, the penalty phase begins. If not guilty the defendant is released
  • If the jury recommends a sentence for the defendant, the Judge cannot increase a punishment but can reduce it