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Wisconsin Criminal Law

You'll review information for the Wisconsin Department of Justice Exam.

Created Date 01.15.15
Last Updated 01.15.15
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Topics of this game:
  • Which of the following most accurately defines crime?
  • Rules of conduct that forbid specific acts or require certain acts punishable by imprisonment are known as:
  • A crime which is punishable by a fine, imprisonment of up to 9 months, or both is known as a:
  • Wisconsin's party to a crime statute states:
  • What term describes when a person creates a situation in which there is an unreasonable and substantial risk of death or great bodily harm to another human being and the person is aware of that risk?
  • Inchoate crimes are:
  • Accused individuals who merely show they were under the influence of an intoxicant or drug at the time they caused the death of another person cannot be charged with the death since they lacked intent to cause the death.
  • All of the following crimes result in enhanced penalties except:
  • With a few exceptions, prosecution for a felony must be commenced within six years and prosecution for a misdemeanor or for adultery must be commenced within three years after the commission of the act. A prosecution has been commenced when:
  • What do crimes against life and bodily security usually involve?
  • The core elements for "battery" are:
  • If the victim of a sexual assault is married to the perpetrator, there is no criminal liability (no crime).
  • What is the class of Felony for First degree sexual assault of a child dependent upon?
  • A parent who provides a child with treatment by spiritual means through prayer alone for healing instead of medical treatment is always guilty of a child abuse offense.
  • Ron swung and purposefully hit Sam in the face, knocking him to the ground. Sam received a bloody nose from the hit and he also received bumps and bruises from the fall. Other than those injuries, Sam received no other injuries. Ron committed misdemeanor battery against Sam.
  • Mary was hit by a drunk driver and as a result of the crash, she broke her leg. Mary's broken leg is an example of substantial bodily harm.
  • A person charged with criminal damage to property would normally be facing a class A misdemeanor, but this could be upgraded to a felony charge if the total property damaged is increased in value by which amount?
  • The severity of a burglary charge is increased by:
  • Robert Johnson is a sales clerk at Boston Store. He has made a practice of giving his friends an unauthorized discount on merchandise. For example, if a sweater costs $75, he will charge his friends only $50. What should be done?
  • One element of the crime Operating a Motor Vehicle without Owner's Consent is the person who took the vehicle intended to permanently deprive the owner of possession of that vehicle.
  • The main difference between a burglary and a robbery is that robbery:
  • An individual steals $300 worth of merchandise from each of the following stores: JC Penney, Sears, Boston Store, and Dunham's. He should be charged with:
  • When dealing with the crime of “aggravated burglary,” the suspect always has to be armed.
  • A man enters a home with the intention of stealing money. He does not have permission to enter the home. However, he does not find any money and leaves the home without taking anything. This man could be charged with Burglary.
  • A father takes his 17-year-old son into a liquor tavern and, being accompanied by his father, the son may be served:
  • In what schedule would you find morphine and cocaine?
  • Possession of a look-a-like drug is:
  • You arrest a driver on an outstanding warrant. During the search incident to arrest of his person, you find some tin foil rolled in the shape of a pipe stuffed in his sock. It has burnt residue in it. The driver tells you it was used to smoke tobacco. Which of the following statements is/are true?
  • In Wisconsin, it is a crime to carry or display a facsimile (look-alike) firearm.
  • Which of the following statements is true regarding ss 946.41, obstructing an officer?
  • A person can be charged with disorderly conduct only if the conduct takes place in public.
  • For someone to be culpable of a charge of unlawful use of a telephone, conversation of some type must take place.
  • Under Wisconsin law, there are actually two different Identity Theft statutes.
  • During the argument Joe punches Amy three times with a closed fist, throws her against the wall, and when she tries to leave, he punches her again square in the face. As she's talking to you, one of her teeth falls out. Which criminal statute and sub-paragraph is being violated in this case?
  • It is unlawful for John, who is 18 years old, to possess a can of beer when he is alone at home.
  • Is a 17 year old allowed to possess tobacco products?