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Welding: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

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You'll identify the proper personal protective equipment used while welding.

Created Date 06.03.15
Last Updated 06.03.15
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Topics of this game:
  • When entering a welding or fabrication shop, what must be worn to protect your eyes?
  • What must be worn in a welding or fabrication shop to help prevent falling objects and sparks from hurting your feet?
  • What is appropriate clothing to wear while welding?
  • What purpose do earplugs serve?
  • When should a respirator be worn?
  • What does the abbreviation OSHA stand for?
  • What does the abbreviation MSDS stand for?
  • What is the protective shade range of a welding helmet lens?
  • Gloves do NOT have to be worn while welding.
  • When welding, ______ can occur from improper eye protection.
  • Which of the following coats and aprons provides acceptable protection while welding?
  • Why is a "welding beanie" worn?