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Service Types: Lingo

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Service Type Crossword puzzle allows for understanding of the different service types and what, "lingo" they commonly use.

Created Date 04.15.20
Last Updated 04.16.20
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Topics of this game:
  • Equipment used to remove snow from a customers site.
  • The amount of inches that must fall before the SP starts clearing snow from a customers site.?
  • Service is completed each time the trigger level is met, and each serviced is billed as a new push.?
  • The SP removes Snow continuously from a customers site each time the trigger level is met. Each customer defines an event differently.?
  • SP removes snow at trigger level for one total seasonal rate.?
  • An application of deicing material to prevent buildup of ice and/or melt existing icy surfaces. ?
  • A measurable ice event at least .2 inches with accumulations of frozen precipitation.?
  • Removing large piles of snow that have accumulated on a customers site.?
  • Moving large piles of snow using a large plow truck, skid steer, bobcat, or loader from high traffic areas.?
  • Removing snow from a customers site in areas where they cannot plow forward.?
  • Lawn Mower Push or Riding, String Trimmer, Edger, etc.?
  • Decorative bark or pine straw that helps control weed population and increases the esthetics of a customers site. ?
  • A plant that is smaller than a tree and usually requires trimming once per month to keep them looking healthy and fresh. ?
  • Provides nutrients to lawn areas in order to help them become weed, pest and disease free and increases their green color! ?
  • Removing weeds using chemical or manual, hand weeding.?
  • The time of year where plant, shrub, tree, and turf growth has slowed as a result of colder weather.?
  • Requires irrigation license. Testing Irrigation system to verify it is working properly. Sprinklers are turned on in all zones.?
  • Each Zone is a different section of the irrigation system.
  • Irrigation component that opens the water flow to the zone that is controlled electronically by the control panel.?
  • A mechanical or electronic device that controls the irrigation zones,sprinklers and valves. Can be scheduled and goes off on an automatic timer.?
  • This device is responsible for protecting the water supply from becoming contaminated and is heavily pressurized.?
  • Requires specialized pest control licensing. A pest control company employee that goes out to inspect and treat pest control issues. ?
  • Devices used to administer bait to rodents.These are placed on the exterior of the building to prevent rodents from entering customers sites. ?
  • Some animals must be removed by a licensed wild life removal technician and a normal pest technician is not able to do this. ?
  • Least invasive form of treatment, the technician only sprays areas where there is evidence of pest activity and does not treat the entire property.?
  • There are a few different methods for treating termites.One is a complete fumigation of the building,?
  • Can be detected using trained K 9 dogs or other inspection techniques. Treated using chemicals or heat methods.Freezing methods can be used, too.?
  • This controls the heating and cooling systems for our customers sites. .?
  • Root Top Unit Condenser Unit on Roof.?
  • Air Handling Unit blows the air for cool and hot air.
  • Both the condenser unit and AHU are packaged in the same system.?
  • Keeps the air flow coming into the HVAC system clean to ensure proper operation.?
  • Also referred to as Refrigerant. This keeps the system running by delivering the needed liquid to the evaporator coils. ?
  • Controls the HVAC unit by sensing the temperature level.?
  • The HVAC component that produces cold air for the HVACsystem. ?
  • The HVAC component that produces hot air for the furnace. ?
  • Delivers the cold air from the condenser to the ducts. Makes the cold air blow out of the vents.?
  • Regulates the air flow for the HVAC system.?
  • Large truck that works like a push vacuum and picks up dirt and debris from the streets.?
  • A cleaning employee that picks up dirt or debris left on the property that the sweeping truck cannot pick up.
  • The light bulb or lamp that provides the light.?
  • A device used to provide starting current for certain types of bulbs/lamps. ?
  • A circuit protection device that automatically opens the current when an overload or short circuit occurs.?
  • An electrical component that switches electrical circuits.
  • A water heater valve that controls water flow and balances heat distribution to different locations.?
  • A valve that uses a ball to seal plumbing components to stop flow in one direction.?
  • A short fitting used to join two pieces of pipe.?
  • Any part that joins together two sections of pipe. Comes in many varieties. ?
  • Anything that receives or stops water output.?
  • A rubber flap with ball like shape in the bottom of a toilet that allows flushing and seals off the tank for refilling.?
  • Flat device used to provide a watertight seal between metal joints.?
  • A thin, flexible length of spiral wound metal, which is inserted into a drain and rotated to clear anything that is clogged in the pipes.?
  • Valves installed under sinks and toilets used to shut off the water supply in the event of a malfunction or repair.
  • A seal located between the floor and toilet to prevent leakage and fumes.?