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ESB Marketing Review 1

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ESB Marketing

Created Date 01.27.23
Last Updated 02.02.23
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Topics of this game:
  • You operate a small insurance office with a partner. which expense is a fixed cost?
  • Your company manufactures 72 hour emergency kits and sells them for low profit margin. you want to expand your customer base to increase your sales volume but you have a limited budget.what marketing method would be the best choice?
  • Ola past increasing the minimum wage by 30%. The owner of the small landscaping business must now pay all of their laborers 30% higher wages. What is the minimum amount the owner must now charge customers for labor to balance her increased operational expenses
  • Which two documents summarize the business plan of a company?
  • Successful entrepreneurs have mindsets that typically possess which three characteristics?
  • Which is one of the greatest benefits of being an entrepreneur?
  • Which two are off-line marketing platforms?
  • you have an idea for a new product. market research suggests the product is needed to solve a problem and will be enthusiastically embraced by customers. What is one of the first steps you must do before creating a product prototype?
  • You create a legal structure for your small business. Do you would like some of the benefits of enjoyed by large corporations, but do not want to be taxed twice. You have four partners who will be shareholders. None of you plan to sell your ownership shares to the public, but do want to be protected from business liabilities. Which legal st
  • You are a technical trainer. you teach online courses to help workers more efficiently use Microsoft office applications. what is an effective way to measure your teaching performance during an online course?
  • After a self-assessment, a potential entrepreneur has learned that she has a very low risk tolerance. Based upon this finding, which approach might be less stressful for the entrepreneur to have her own business?
  • Mortgage Payments are Long Term Liabilities
  • Peter owns a barber shop. His total monthly cost is $3,500.00. He charges $15.00 per hair cut. How many hair cuts must his shop perform to break-even?
  • Customer Retention Rate is the percentage of existing customers who remain customers after a given period. Your customer retention rate can help you better understand what keeps customers with your company.
  • How does an entrepreneur determine his / her selling price?
  • In which step of the sales process would you address customer concerns?
  • In which step of the sales process would a potential customer be identified?
  • During which phase might an owner decide to sell their ownership in a company?
  • Which of the following vote on the management of the company?
  • What type of business is best for a single owner seeking low risk?