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Galaxy Z Series Reboot Matching

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z series

Created Date 06.06.23
Last Updated 06.16.23
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Topics of this game:
  • Flip 4 Screen - True or False Unfolded, you have a screen the size of an average smartphone. Folded, it fits in your pocket.
  • Flip 4 Screen : fill in blank - Multi-Window lets you open up to __ apps at the same time
  • Flip 4 Screen : True or False: The cover screen makes it convenient to quickly interact with your apps without opening the phone.
  • Fold/Flip 4 : Battery - Fill in blank : With ____ , you can use it to charge your watch, Buds, or even another phone.
  • Fold/Flip 4 Battery : T or F- This phone has superfast charging capability, so you can get back to a full charge quicker than other phone
  • Fold/Flip4 Battery(processor) : fill in blank - With new hardware and an upgraded ____, the battery lasts even longer than previous models.
  • Z fold Screen : T or F - Folded, the screen is the size of a standard phone, and unfolded, the screen is almost the same size as a tablet
  • Z fold 4 screen : Fill in blank - This phone lets you open up to ___ windows and puts the taskbar at the bottom, where it’s easy to use.
  • Fold/Flip 4 Camera - True or False : Flex Mode lets you use the camera to take photos or videos even when there’s no one to take your picture.
  • Fold/Flip 4 Camera : Fill in Blank - With the __ camera feature, you can use gestures or voice activation to tell your phone to take a picture