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Brand Bash: Sports

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Do you think you know your popular sports brands? Test your luck in this jeopardy-style game to see how much you really know.

Created Date 11.14.23
Last Updated 11.16.23
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Topics of this game:
  • Who are the founders of Nike
  • What year was Nike founded
  • What state is Nike's headquartes based in
  • Around how many items of Nike's product are sold every year
  • Which serial killers last words were " Just Do it" which inspired Nike's famous slogan
  • How many stripes are in the adidas logo?
  • What country was Adidas founded
  • What were the first ever kind of adidas shoes sold
  • The adidas logo was first introduced in what global sporting event
  • What was the company's original name
  • What country was under armour established
  • Free points
  • Who founded under armour
  • What school did the founder of under armour attend
  • What does the under armour's logo consist of
  • What is Puma's logo
  • What country is the brand based in
  • What realation do the founder of puma and adidas have to eachother
  • What was the Puma brand first known as