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Introduction to Plumbing Fixtures

Trade Terms

Created Date 06.07.22
Last Updated 06.09.22
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Topics of this game:
  • This means follows the accessibility guidelines of the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990.
  • A nonprofit organization that is responsible for creating and implementing standards for many industries, including the construction trades.
  • Low-profile plumbing fixtures designed to hold semi-reclined bathers.
  • Valve-like fixtures that are used to control the flow of water from pipes into sinks, bathtubs, and similar plumbing fixtures.
  • Spun filaments of glass woven into yarn, roving (twisted) strands, and textile materials, such as cloth or mats. Can be pressed into molds to make products such as bathtubs and shower enclosures.
  • A rim on one end of a length of pipe that provides a connection point to another length of pipe or to a plumbing fixture, such as a water closet or valve. Bolts or studs with nuts are used to hold two flanges together, with a gasket between them.
  • The edge of the basin, bowl, or fixture over which water flows when it is too full.
  • Devices located at the bottom of tanks for flushing water closets and similar fixtures.
  • A device that discharges a predetermined quantity of water to a fixture for flushing purposes and is automatically closed by direct water pressure or other mechanical means. Also referred to as simply a flushometer.
  • Fixed tubs on legs or wallmounted, usually installed in the laundry room or utility area of homes. They are used for washing clothes and for receiving wastewater from automatic clothes washers.
  • A basin designed for installation in bathrooms and other locations, primarily for washing the hands and face. Compare with sinks.
  • Receptacles or devices which are either permanently or temporarily connected to the water plumbing system of the premises. They can connect to a supply of water therefrom or discharge used water, liquid-borne waste materials, or sewage.
  • A coating of vitrified porcelain (or china) that provides an attractive and protective finish to fixtures made of cast iron or steel.
  • Shallow, flat-bottomed basins mainly used for the preparation of food, dishwashing, and for utility purposes. Compare with lavatory.
  • A type of floor surface (commonly used for showers and other plumbing fixtures) made by pouring in place or precasting a mixture of small pieces of marble, other hard stone, or glass and a mortar base.
  • A pipe installed to provide a flow of air to or from a drainage system, or to provide a circulation of air within such a system to protect trap seals from siphonage and back pressure. The combination of all vent pipes in a plumbing system is refe
  • A durable ceramic material usually consisting of a fine clay mineral (kaolinite) and is often a mixture with quartz, feldspar, silica or other materials. The mixture is heated to create a nonporous, glass-like finish. Also referred as porcelain
  • A pipe in a plumbing system that carries only waste water and sewage.