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Virtual Reality

Test your knowledge of VR in a new version of a classic game.

Created Date 10.21.22
Last Updated 10.24.22
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Topics of this game:
  • What does VR stand for?
  • VR allows users to experience and interact with 3D images through the use of headsets, keyboards or mice, creating a _ _?
  • Through the use of VR, educators give students a chance to engage and experience environments: a chance to learn by doing.
  • Classes can use VR to go on a virtual __________ ___________ to a place that would be challenging to physically go to.
  • The use of VR can help to build students' _________ ____________ which could enhance lessons and the learning of content.
  • Today, many students have experienced VR on their own through ______________. Some students even have their own headsets.
  • VR can increase prior knowledge, visuals and pique student interest which in turn may in crease student _____________.
  • VR allows students to engage in the content and personalize learning, which makes teachers less instructors and more __.
  • While VR can be done to some extent on a computer or mobile device it is recommended to use a __________ to fully experience
  • When using VR headsets, it is important to allow students plenty of _____ ______ to move around in the classroom.
  • Explaining the _________ and learning objective of using VR will allow students optimal learning.
  • While educators need to facilitate the use of VR, the goal is for students to be in ___________ of their experience.
  • While some VR is pricey, there are many cheap or free options. A good place to start is with your favorite or local _______.