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Take a Wild Guess!

Triviatron: Extreme speeds, long distances, and other random facts about people and the world around us.

Created Date 04.14.16
Last Updated 04.14.16
Viewed 169 Times
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Topics of this game:
  • During the last Ice Age (about 18,000 years ago), the average temperature of what is now Kansas was how much colder than it is today?
  • If you were to swim across the Bering strait between Russia and Alaska, how many miles would you have to swim?
  • How fast is the earth moving around the sun?
  • The average lifespan of a Bowhead Whale is about how many years?.
  • -128.6 degrees Fahrenheit is
  • Mammoth Cave in Kentucky is the longest known cave system in the world. How long is it?
  • The record for a person holding his breath under water is for how long?
  • A rocket needs to reach "Orbital Velocity" in order for it to reach space from earth. How fast is Orbital Velocity?
  • The number of Earth's that could fit inside the Sun
  • The highest mountain in the Solar System is Olympus Mons on the planet Mars. How tall is it?
  • The deepest hole ever bored into the Earth is in Russia. How deep is the hole?
  • How hot can it get when it's "daylight" on the surface of the moon?
  • Which is further: The distance to the Top of Mt. Everest (the worlds tallest mountain) or the distance to the bottom of the Mariana Trench (the deepest point in the Ocean)?
  • A blue whale weighs about as much as a Greyhound bus! How heavy is that?
  • Have you ever stayed up all night to study for an exam? What is the longest anyone has ever stayed awake?
  • The sun may be hot and Pluto may be cold, but what about all of the empty space between the planets, stars and galaxies? What is the cosmic background temperature of space?