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Automotive Diagnostic Procedure

This game will help the student learn correct terms for a proper diagnostic procedure.

Created Date 11.12.17
Last Updated 11.13.17
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Topics of this game:
  • After asking the customer about their vehicle complaint you must do this before attempting any diagnosis.
  • These must be asked when talking to the customer about their vehicle complaint.
  • A lot of this is gathered when educating yourself about the customers complaint.
  • There are many different kinds, such as AllData, Google or a friend.
  • Used to gather codes from the vehicle.
  • What you do when you know what is the cause of the customer complaint.
  • What a technician does to discover the cause to a customer complaint.
  • The first of the 3 C's.
  • The second of the 3 C's.
  • The last of the 3 c's.
  • What you do to make sure your repair took care of the concern.
  • Used when diagnosing an electrical problem.
  • The first device you check when diagnosing an electrical problem.
  • A type of code that is currently having a problem.
  • A type of code that is not currently having a problem.