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Eco Friendly Transportation Baseball

Eco Friendly Transportation Baseball

Created Date 03.02.22
Last Updated 03.03.22
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Topics of this game:
  • Ships can travel by wind.
  • A bus can use geothermal energy.
  • Hydrogen is good for cars.
  • Trains can use magnets.
  • Planes can use solar power.
  • Scooters can use tidal energy.
  • We use electric scooters in Taiwan.
  • We use hydrogen cars in Taiwan.
  • We will need to use coal in cars.
  • Trains can use electricity.
  • Ships can use wind turbines.
  • Maglev Trains are slow.
  • Air planes use Geothermal/Volcanic energy now?
  • Air planes use tidal energy.
  • Coal is very eco-friendly.
  • Natural Gas is eco-friendly.
  • Natural gas is a Fossil Fuel.
  • Wind Turbines are used on cars now.
  • Oil is used in most cars now.
  • Oil is a Fossil Fuel and it creates pollution.