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Automatic Transmission Diagnosis

A Jeopardy style Game to review your diagnostic skills

Created Date 04.05.22
Last Updated 04.05.22
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Topics of this game:
  • Which of the following could cause a delay in the shift of all forward gears?
  • A clunking noise during acceleration may be the result of:
  • To reduce the chance of slipping under heavy load, transmission fluid pressure is increased by
  • Delayed shifts or slippage can be caused by:
  • Changes in hydraulic pressure of a transmission as a result of load changes may be accomplished by:
  • Which of the following does NOT sense engine vacuum?
  • A torque converter Impeller is driven by:
  • The Torque Converter rear hub drives the:
  • Delayed (late) and Hard upshifts can be caused by:
  • Which of the following is true about planetary gear sets?
  • A manual lever moves which shift valve in the automatic transmission valve body?
  • Use of the improper transmission fluid can cause:
  • Engine performance can affect:
  • Ben says all transmissions have a throttle valve linkage that forces downshifts. Felix says the throttle valve can control transmission pressure.
  • Regarding transmission fluid level:
  • Overdrive gear:
  • Sean says the pump rotates at a slower speed when in overdrive. Preston says this can cause the fluid to overheat under load due to reduced flow.
  • An automatic transmission receives engine power through:
  • What component helps the servo to operate the clutch smoothly?
  • Overdrive increases: