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Heavy Duty Electrical Operation Review

Test your knowledge of Electrical operation

Created Date 06.25.15
Last Updated 06.26.15
Viewed 238 Times
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Topics of this game:
  • This law states that voltage drop in a series circuit must equal the source voltage
  • The highest resistance will drop the least voltage
  • In a standard ISO relay what pin would pin 30 have continuity to in it’s energized state?
  • How many volts would it take to push 30 amps through a 10 Ohm resistor?
  • If you were to hook four 12volt 500CCA batteries up in parallel how many volts and CCA's would available?
  • If you test after a consumer and you have battery voltage, what is the failure?
  • What does "E" stand for in Ohms law?
  • If I want to take the resistance reading of a component, what needs to be done first?
  • On 12 volt starter circuit flowing approx 230 amps, on a battery cable with two connections what is the maximum voltage drop?