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Aviation Ch 1 Sec A

Aircraft structure vocabulary

Created Date 09.26.19
Last Updated 09.27.19
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Topics of this game:
  • Uses struts and wire-braced wings
  • Houses the cabin and/or cockpit which contains seats for the occupants and the controls for the airplane
  • Consists of vertical stabilizer, or fin, the rudder, the horizontal stabilizer, and the elevator. They act like the feathers of an arrow to steady the
  • Contoured, cross-sectional shaped parts of aircraft structure
  • Structure of aircraft that runs through formers to fill in the shape of the aircraft
  • All of the structural load is carried in the skin of the aircraft
  • a stressed-skin type of construction in which the stiffness of the skin provides a large measure of the strength of the structure
  • a stressed-skin structure in which the skin is supported by a lightweight framework to provide extra rigidity
  • A double that was placed strategically across an aircraft to stop the spread of a crack and continue to carry the load of an aircraft
  • When the curvature on the top of the airfoil is the same as the one on the bottom
  • The deflection of the oncoming airstream down under the airfoil
  • Components of an airfoil that form the shape of the leading edge, camber, and trailing edge
  • Structural component of airfoil that carries the aerodynamic load of the airfoil to the fuselage structure. Extends span-wise across the airfoil
  • The point where the air pressures created by the wings can be considered concentrated
  • Compression members that separate the spars of an airfoil. Usually made out of steel tubing or thick-walled aluminum tubing
  • Compression member that is specifically strengthened to take compressive loads
  • The high-strength solid steel wires that extend from front-spar-inboard to rear-spar-outboard to oppose the forces that tend to drag the wing backwa
  • The high-strength solid steel wires that extend from front-spar-outboard to rear-spar-inboard to oppose the forces that tend to push the wing forward
  • The material that forms the top and bottom of the ribs and is connected to each other by the cross members
  • The joints that attach to each intersection of a cap strip and cross member to compensate for the weak glue joints of wooden end-grain. In earlier tim