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MLOG110F - Medical logistics - Unit 1

Unit 1 of MLOG110F

Created Date 12.02.19
Last Updated 12.02.19
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Topics of this game:
  • Responsible for overall logistical management of all medical WRM programs
  • Ensures unit's WRM programs are established and maintained
  • Overall responsibility of medical WRM programs
  • Establishes, maintians, and ensures readiness of all assigned WRM programs
  • has the critical responsibility to build, store, and maintain equipment and supplies
  • is crucial in maintaining supplies and equipment
  • Charged with the daily maintenance of a WRM assemblage
  • action taken to arrange transportation from the storage area to the flight line
  • Five-character alphanumeric designator uniquely identifying each Armed Forces unit
  • FF
  • Document that prescribes the basic allowances of supplies and equipment authorized for each assemblage
  • Three position number, which identifies the project authorization, visible on the Medical Resource Letter
  • Published list assigning WRM assemblages to units
  • 1st Increment
  • 2nd Increment
  • 3rd Increment
  • How many days that an EMEDS can sustain in austere environment
  • WRM assemblages so that any base maintains the exact same package
  • 25 In patient beds
  • 10 inpation beds
  • 0 inpatient beds
  • Section within a WRM project
  • WRM Project Officer
  • refocus assigned active dy employess from having to coninuously inventory