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AI in EducAtIon

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This game tests the knowledge of post-secondary learners concerning how artificial intelligence is used in 21st-century education.

Created Date 03.12.23
Last Updated 03.13.23
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Topics of this game:
  • True or False: AI can help personalize learning.
  • Which of the following is NOT an example of AI being used in education?
  • Who coined the term and first defined artificial intelligence in 1950s?
  • True or false: While AI has many benefits, it can also be flawed.
  • Grading tests and organizing research papers is an example of ____ ____, a skill of AI.
  • Based on Bagir et al.'s research, how can AI be a disadvantage to students?
  • True or False: AI can help with tutoring.
  • What is the EARLIEST grade/age range which can use AI in education
  • True or False: Coding is NOT a form of AI.
  • This task is described by Lynch as "one of the most tedious tasks" (2017) AI replaces.
  • "For AI to be effective in education, it must be _______" (Office of Ed Tech, 2022).
  • True or False: Educators can contribute their understanding to use AI equitably.
  • Which AI tool has sparked recent controversy from its use in education?
  • Which 2022 AI leader is a Sequoia Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University?
  • According to the Great Learning Team, who is the Director of Machine Learning at Apple?
  • Due to AI service, the digital education market is about to surpass how much in USD?