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Work up your brain in this game.

Created Date 02.05.21
Last Updated 02.05.21
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Topics of this game:
  • Which permission, when applied to a directory in the file system, will allow a user to enter the directory?
  • Which command is used to change permissions of a file?
  • Representation of permission of rwxr-r in octal experssion is?
  • What is the correct command for assigning the read-write permission to the owner?
  • What command would you type to assign executable permission to the owner of the file named "letter"?
  • What command would you type to assign only read permission to all three categories of the file 'test'?
  • What command would you type to change the ownership of somefile.txt from ralph to tony?
  • Which command would give the owner and group of myfile the permissions of read and execute while all others have read access?