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Created Date 04.07.21
Last Updated 04.08.21
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Topics of this game:
  • A _____________ parameter does not create a local copy of the argument, but rather the parameter refers directly to the argument variable's memory location.
  • A __________ is a variable type that refers to another variable.
  • The keyword _______ can be prepended to a function's vector or string parameter to prevent the function from modifying the parameter.
  • A variable declared outside any function is called a ____________.
  • A ___________ is declared inside a function
  • A ___________ specifies the function's return type, name, and parameters, ending with a semicolon where the opening brace would have gone.
  • Sometimes a program has two functions with the same name but differing in the number or types of parameters, known as _____________.
  • A _________ consists of the new function's name and a block of statements.
  • A ___________ is an invocation of a function's name, causing the function's statements to execute.
  • A ________ is a function input specified in a function definition.
  • An ________ is a value provided to a function's parameter during a function call.
  • A function may return one value using a __________.
  • A return type of ______ indicates that a function does not return any value.