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A game that teaches you about cyber security and safety. This game has a point system to help you keep track of what you know and what you don't. The higher the points you have, the least likely it is for you to be hacked or attacked.If you receive a low score (lower than 1,250) it is recommended that you learn more about cyber security and ways to keep you and your information safe online.If you wish to learn more

Created Date 02.26.19
Last Updated 02.27.19
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Topics of this game:
  • What are the best ways to protect your data no matter where you are?
  • Which of the following would be the best password (hardest to crack)?
  • Your Instagram account has been hacked and all of your information was leaked. What could have prevented this?
  • You click on a Facebook post and a web page opens saying that you’ve won a free iPhone. What is the proper course of action?
  • You post on Snapchat that you're having a birthday party. Someone you don't know asks where it's at. What do you tell them?
  • Why is it important to not open unknown applications?
  • If someone you don't know sends you an email asking for you to click a link, what do you do?
  • Which is a safer method of online payment?
  • Why should you regularly change your password?
  • Which is the best description of a “strong password?”
  • How can you protect yourself from identity theft?
  • What should you consider when looking for a good antivirus software?
  • How do we defend ourselves from hackers?
  • What is a VPN?
  • When should I use a VPN?