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Coding Study Tool - Jeopardy Edition

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Some studying tool for computer coding and technology pioneers

Created Date 09.06.19
Last Updated 09.09.19
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Topics of this game:
  • What did Grace Hopper invent?
  • Was Grace a Pioneer of computer programming?
  • Was Grace in any way related to Harvard Mark 1 computer?
  • What did Hedy Lamarr invent?
  • What other roles did Hedy Lamarr fill in her life time?
  • What else did Hedy invent?
  • Shadow Banning could potentially break which ACM polices
  • Is uploading viruses violation of ACM?
  • what are the 7 ACM polices
  • Who invented the Turing machine?
  • Who Invented the Tabulating Machine?
  • Who was considered the be the first computer programmer?
  • Who developed 2 Engines, the difference engine and the analytical engine?