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7CP Study Guide - Basic CS and Scratch Coding Build

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Beginner CS and Scratch Coding

Created Date 10.11.19
Last Updated 10.14.19
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Topics of this game:
  • How computers get their information:
  • Coding is writing a set of instructions that
  • When you give an object a command to turn 360 degrees, it will perform:
  • In coding, a statement is
  • A condition in programming must:
  • An IF block is a __________ in Scratch
  • You would use a Forever block in Scratch to make a __________
  • In coding, a set of steps to solve a problem is called an
  • Orange blocks in a Scratch stack whose value can change are:
  • This block is from the __________ category of Scratch blocks.
  • A sprite is pointed in Direction 180. If it takes 10 steps, what will happen?
  • Coding involves trial and error. When you find errors in your program, you fix them. This is called:
  • There is a RESET button in Scratch that allows you to return to the starting point.
  • Scratch allows users to take another person's project and change it. This is called:
  • The X and Y values are important concepts in coding. X represents movement ___________, and Y represents movement _____________.
  • Binary numbers are Base ___
  • The computer really only understands ___________; that is why everything has to be translated into _____________.
  • A tablet is:
  • A microphone is: a/an
  • Each programming language has a unique set of ___________ (words that it understands) and a special syntax for organizing program instructions.
  • Passwords should:
  • Being a responsible digital citizen requires that you respect other people's work and not use it without attribution. __________________ is a form of protection given to the authors or creators of “original works of authorship,” including literary, dramatic, musical, artistic and other intellectual works.
  • There are exceptions to copyright laws which allow people to use an author's work without their permission. This set of exceptions is called:
  • Computer science is
  • In coding, a "Bit" is
  • A connected set of Scratch blocks is called:
  • The word “Pixel” is:
  • Binary for text is called:
  • Someone who acts safely, responsibly and respectfully on the Internet is a(n):