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Computer Literacy

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Basic computer hardware, software, input/output, memory, processing, storage info.

Created Date 11.15.20
Last Updated 11.16.20
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Topics of this game:
  • Which of the following is NOT found on a motherboard?
  • Which of these is considered the “brains” of the computer?
  • Which of these is an example of optical storage?
  • Which of the following is NOT one of the four major functions of a computer?
  • Which of these statements about computers is true?
  • Approximately how many Gigabytes is 5,000 Megabytes?
  • Approximately how many Megabytes is 1,000,000 bytes?
  • What purpose does RAM serve in your computer?
  • There are approximately 1000 bytes in one:
  • A(n) _______ is the measurement of how many processes per second your processor (CPU) computes data into information.
  • Which of the following is considered an output device?
  • Which of the following is considered an input device?
  • Which device is the newest (and fastest) type of storage for computers today?
  • This is the second-fastest available type of storage method for computers today
  • Which of the following is the biggest unit of storage?
  • A component of the CPU that is like another brain inside the brain is known as a CPU ________.
  • The CPU's _______________ is a part of the processor where all the necessary startup functions and instructions for each computer component are stored.
  • Which of the following about CPUs is INCORRECT?
  • ________________ storage is what we call DVDs, CDs, and Blu-Ray discs.
  • The computer's language only consists of storing 1s and 0s for everything. A single 1 or 0 is called a _______________.
  • When you group together 8 bits, this forms a storage unit called a ?