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Empowerment Technology

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Empowerment Technology : Chapter 1 - 4

Created Date 12.04.18
Last Updated 12.04.18
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Topics of this game:
  • A term used to describe actions taken by someone to gain unauthorized access to a computer.
  • Cyber criminals who gain access to your computer.
  • It does not need to attach itself to an existing program to replicate itself.
  • A type of malware that restricts access to your computer or your files and displays a message that demands payment in order for the restriction to be removed.
  • A malware that disguises itself as a trusted or legitimate application or file.
  • To delete a character to the LEFT of the cursor, you have to press ________.
  • To delete a character to the RIGHT of the cursor, you have to press ________.
  • Which of the shortcuts belowis used when duplicating a text:
  • A font attribute that places text slightly BELOW the baseline.
  • A font attribute makes the texts slant to the right.
  • Intersection of the column and row in excel is called
  • In excel it is identified with alphabetic headings
  • In excel, this is identified with numeric headings
  • Kaye is using a business letter template she created earlier and wants to save it with all the customers’ information. What file type should he select?
  • Excel is an example of ________________________
  • These are forms of electronic communication forums through which individuals create and participate in online communities.
  • These are sites that focus on short updates from the user.
  • Sites that focuses on sharing media content like images, videos, and music.
  • Commonly used in social media and search engines to promote their products.
  • New feature of Facebook that allow users to create their own articles and load them instantly once uploaded.