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Unit 2 Computer Components and Networks

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Computer Components and Networks

Created Date 12.09.19
Last Updated 12.09.19
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Topics of this game:
  • The computer's long-term memory
  • The computer's short-term memory
  • Any physical component of the computer that you can touch
  • Add-ons or accessories that you add to the computer
  • Peripherals that put information into the computer
  • Peripherals that generate output from the computer
  • The brain of the computer where calculations are performed
  • The instructions for the computer written in code
  • The language of zeros and ones that the computer understands
  • The heart of the computer where many parts connect
  • A very large computer network that connects computers and devices
  • The collection of web pages online that contain hyperlinks
  • Electronic mail that allows users to send messages to eachother
  • The first successfully transmitted message over the Internet
  • They type of signal our computers use, that needs to be converted to analog
  • The device in a network that reads and directs packets of data
  • The device in a network that translates signals for travel over telephone lines
  • Any device in a network
  • The computer's outer shell that contains and protects the hardware components in a computer
  • A wireless Internet connection
  • Software programs that handle the basic functions of the computer
  • Software programs that allow users to perform specific tasks like text or play a game
  • The places on the back of the computer where cables can plug in
  • The path an electrical signal travels in digital devices
  • Name of the first Internet Browser
  • Each device on a network has one of these so it can be located