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Created Date 08.03.20
Last Updated 08.04.20
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Topics of this game:
  • Where in DPI can I find available speeds on an account?
  • How do I add an authorized user to an account?
  • What type of order do I use to transfer service to a new address in the same city?
  • What type of order do I use to transfer service to a new address in a different city and state?
  • Can I send a customer a copy of their bill?
  • Before opening a customer's account, I have to validate it. What are things that can be used for this?
  • What tab can I find charges, credits, and general billing information?
  • Where can I find ticket information, ticket numbers, and other orders a customer has on their account?
  • I found a ticket on an account, but the notes arent clear in HUB. Is there somewhere else I can find the ticket information and help the customer find where their tech went?
  • How do I do a change order in HUB?
  • A customer calls because her internet is out, how do I help?
  • A customer's account is disconnected for non-payment, where do I send them?
  • A customer wants to remove their phones, but upgrade the internet, how do I help?
  • A customer calls in to pay thier deposit to have service connected, who do I transfer to?
  • What is the max amount of time a customer should be on hold? How can I avoid a lengthy call being on hold?
  • how do I get to Sterling CRM?
  • In Sterling CRM, how can I find the pricing for upgrades?
  • How can I set up a vacation order?
  • A customer calls in because they want to adjust tv channels, how do you check to make sure they can get what they want?
  • Where can I add or remove caller ID?