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Operating Systems

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Windows, Partitioning, and other OS Stuff

Created Date 10.21.21
Last Updated 10.21.21
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Topics of this game:
  • A piece of software that windows uses to recognize hardware devices
  • Letters that are associated with a drive
  • Utility for managing tasks and performance of PC
  • Utility to adjust hardware/Windows settings, add/remove hardware & software
  • Stores much of the information and settings for software and hardware, and Windows
  • This is the operating system that controls Chromebooks
  • A minimal startup mode for diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Requirements for installing Windows are 2 GB RAM, 20 GB free space, 1 GHz CPU
  • The version of Windows that comes on all PCs for the average person
  • Navigates and manages drives, folders, and files on the PC
  • At the beginning of the hard drive & identifies what OS is installed
  • The partition of the drive that has the OS installed on it
  • This is the disk format for Windows
  • All the area that is NOT the primary partition
  • This operating system is found on Android phones
  • The utility to install the latest version of software and drivers
  • Modern day part of the boot process that tests and loads the hardware
  • Version of Windows 10 for large businesses or organizations
  • Name given to the software that loads the OS
  • _________ drive is the name of a portion in the extended partition with a drive letter assigned to it
  • This operating system is found on iPhones
  • Software installed on a computer chip that gives instructions to the hardware about how to function
  • System software that acts as the middleman between the computer hardware, software, and user
  • For communicating between the software and hardware; contains all drivers for hardware
  • Free, open-source OS that can be an alternative to Windows
  • Only one primary partition may be __________ at one time